Sunday, April 11, 2010

the return of clarity

One of the things that I set out to do this weekend (perhaps unintentionally) was to find a little bit of clarity and peace and perspective (thank God I currently have a direction) after a slight trauma.
This particular trauma was small,
but there have been other,
larger traumas.
And the very comforting thought that came in the last few days
was that even after those
sometimes horrendous traumas,
clarity and peace did still return to me
This weekend I had an odd desire to:
paint lots of pictures (and I am not a painter)
tear things out of magazines
take lots of photos
explore (a friend and I found a new train bridge)
drive and drive
and get rid of lots and lots of stuff.


  1. Isn't it amazing how art and creativity can offer comfort, an outlet for all our pent-up feelings, a method for healing, a way to clear our heads while filling our hearts, and so much more?

    Glad to hear that you're returning to clarity and peace. Hoping you have much more of both in the days to come.

  2. How good to have a direction! I so often have had none, or at least only a vague direction. And yes, I quite often want to paint too, and I am not a 'painter' either. Except for the fact that we are painters really because we are human and we need to express ourselves. Something on the inside wants out. Let it. We don't have to be Monet.

  3. the need to paint came as a little surprise to me, since it isnt something I often feel, but there was something very soothing and wonderful about it. It is a different release then writing or taking a photograph. I really enjoyed it :)
    I think I will keep it up!


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