Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today is a day where I want badly to be inspired.
A day where I cant help feeling some boredom,
which frustrates me -
because this world is a beautiful and exciting place
and if I am bored here then its because
I am doing something wrong.

I have an overwhelming sense of waiting for something,
and I am inpatient.
I am unsettled and know that today is a day I would perhaps take something that was less then what I want just because it was something and it was there.

This mood gets me into trouble.

Reading back over some old blogs of mine I am happy
to discover that in at least some cases
I have taken my own advise.
Against all odds I can see improvement.
And I am encouraged.


  1. Oh I know this mood. I think it happens when you are growing and things inside you are restless and impatient about the time it is all taking. It's a good sign x

  2. :) Thanks friend.

    I still think I might need to move in next door to you...


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