Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thanks friend!

One of my very favorite bloggers over at Songs of Light was sweet enough to pass along to me the Kreativ Blogger award.
Thanks so much my friend!

Here are seven odd or interesting things about me:
1. I get emotionally involved with pretty much everything.
If I am reading a very sad or very happy book
it may seriously effect my mood until I get to the end.
2. I am slightly obsessed with bare wintery looking trees.
3. I carry my camera with me everywhere
and take lots and lots of pictures out of car windows when I drive.
Especially of trees and beautiful skies.
4. I love the number 13.
I think it is the luckiest number there is.
5. I wear flip flops for as long as possible
when its turning from Fall to Winter. My general rule of thumb is
unless the cold actually hurts my toes
when I run from my car to wherever I am going,
it is not too cold for flip flops.
6. I still believe in and do all those things
that we all did as kids for good luck or so that we could make a wish.
I still make a wish at 11:11,
and always tie my straw wrappers in a knot
to see if anyone is thinking about me.
7. I dance quite often when I am alone in my house
(and when other people are there for that matter...)
I also sing very loudly while doing the dishes.

Now, here are 7 other wonderful bloggers
who I would like to pass this award on to...

Those who have received the award should:
Copy the award to your blog.
Link to the person who gave you the award.
Write 7 interesting or odd things about yourself.
Choose 7 other blogs to award.
Link to those blogs.
Leave a comment on each to let them know they have received the award.

Have a lovely sunny Sunday!

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  1. Your list is fantastic! I love it! I sing loudly at home too, and wear flip flops for as long as possible, and get emotionally involved with everything and of course bare wintry trees are the best! Thanks so much for joining in! Have a great day x x


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