Sunday, February 14, 2010

a reasons to be happy list for Valentine's Day

watching huge snowflakes fall
The West
the possibility of a fresh start
hot pink (and I am not usually a girl who is into pink)
good friends
appreciating the love that I DO have in my life
no longer being freaked out by driving in the snow
heart shaped sugar cookies with pink frosting
eating said cookie
a really good smelling candle
a glass of wine while eating pasta and watching old episodes of The Sopranos
the new plant in my office
my new favorite earrings
making things
wearing flip flops in the snow
an unexpected friend
a growing knowledge of who I am and what I want
the confidence to be that person and to live that life
taking a spider I find in the house outside instead of killing him
a cuddle from the kitty


  1. I love your list. I rescue spiders too! I have even been known to rescue snails off side walks, which some people say is going too far!

  2. the next time i see a snail who needs rescuing I will be there! :)


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