Saturday, February 20, 2010

carry on little crocodile and my 100th sale

I woke up today with a sense of focus and letting go of that which isn't good for me.
sadly, it didn't stay with me long
BUT i am still here
and i am still trying
and that has to count for something.

in life in general there will always be stages
where things are easy
and stages where they are not.
This is a stage where they are not
but that will just make it all the better
when i get to a good stage again.
good things about today:
I have a surprise from my sister waiting for me at the post office
right this very moment
I have plans to shop this afternoon
(for food and clothes and possibly boots)
and plans to cook.
The snow is starting to melt.
I was also thinking about the idea that time passes quickly. There is not time to waste. So if something in me or my life is wrong, or just not what i want it to be then the time to fix that thing is right now.
settling is never a good idea.
wait it out.
something better will come along.

In other news I got my 100th sale yesterday in the silver shop.
I was and am quite excited about it.
Thanks SO much to everyone who helped me arrive there.

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  1. Wow 100 sales! Congratulations, that's fantastic! You are so right, life is so short. In terms of the scale of time, we are just a tiny burst of light in the dark, gone in a second. I was thinking today that I focus a lot on what I don't have. I actually have about 99% of what I do want. But the one percent kicks my butt some days! This too shall pass x x


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