Thursday, January 28, 2010

a sky that made me stop in my tracks

fear will not
be a motivation
for anything -
Check THIS out for some
yummy food images


  1. yay for foooood!

    (and track-stopping skys)
    (and kicking fear's ass)

  2. Oh I'm so with you! Damn that fear! I have a quote for you - "The pathway is smooth. Why do you throw rocks before you?" I found this on a scrap of paper recently, sadly without an author written down with it. It helps me try and remember that I drag most of the fear into my life myself. The universe is on your side, you can do anything! And yes, I probably would have made a great hippy!

  3. bookling: cheers to all those who enjoy their meals as much as we do!

    light: I love that quote! and you! We really do have so much power to make our lives what we want them to be.
    "the universe is on your side" is now posted on my fridge for a gentle reminder every day :)


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