Saturday, January 16, 2010

say please

last night was a bit surprising and unexpected (it involved dancing and odd conversations with strangers and eating hot peppers), and now today i have decided i am going to spend the day doing things that are healing to the soul.

first on the list is exercise of some kind.
and stretching. lots of stretching.

this week was extraordinarily busy
and full of stress at work,
and i found myself more then once feeling
profoundly emotionally exhausted
and on the verge.
i just felt empty. like there was nothing left to give to anyone
personally or professionally.
and now i am realizing that that kind of thing isn't a void
that i can ask anyone else to refill.
I think in this case the answer
can only be found in quiet and solitude
with a glass of wine in one hand
and a pen in the other.
Random Confession:
Sometimes i really really enjoy wearing
all sorts of combinations of things
that don't match at ALL.
if i could remind myself of one thing right now it would be this:
I am enough.
little old me,
all by myself,
is plenty.
and because i am enough
everything really is going to
be alright.


  1. I love reading your words, you always sum up exactly how I'm feeling! I know the verge well, I'm there at the moment in fact. It's no fun is it? And you're so right, you are enough, right now, just as you are. So hard to remember that sometimes. Oh, and I love wearing ridiculous non matching outfits too. In fact it's one of my favourite things. Glad I'm not the only one!

  2. i love reading your comments. the verge is not a great place to be, but i am confident (or at least full of hope) that we will both be better then ok :)

    If we lived on the same continent i would suggest sharing our wardrobes!


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