Saturday, January 2, 2010

its time for the usual new years post.
But i have decided to try to not make traditional resolutions
that i am almost certainly not going to keep.
Of course i want to start eating better and working out.
of course i want to read more books and waste less time.
keep in better touch with those i love, spend more time writing.
Those are all givens and they are certainly still true for me.
The way i have decided to go about this this 2010 is to have a word or idea or a theme or two or three that i want to try to incorporate into my life this year, more then they have been in my life before. I want to make these things my focus throughout the year.
So here goes:

i want to be more GROUNDED. my tendency is to be a little on the idealistic side. a little too quick to believe in things. I love that about myself and I don't want to lose it. But, i also want to keep my feet on the ground. I want to stay in touch with reality and feel close to this beautiful earth that brings me so much joy.

I want to be more MINDFUL. i want to be aware of myself and those around me. i want to take a more active role in the direction my life goes, instead of letting things happen to and around me i want to be more involved in deciding where this path will take me.

I want to be more aware of my STRENGTH. i want to get rid of all fear surrounding embracing who i am and what i feel i need to do. I want to be more confident in my own abilities and more consistent in following my intuition and my dreams.

today so far a walk in the snow to the post office to pick up a parcel. following the kitty's footprints in the snow. enjoying the cold on my face and the crunch of my boots - i have missed spending time outside. ham and fried egg for breakfast. the coffee is brewing as i type. avatar in the afternoon. and the happy knowledge that there is a whole other day of weekend still coming :)
and to my friend who passed away on this day 12 years ago you are missed and loved and thought of every day.


  1. Great goals, I feel the same!

  2. good vibes to us both on accomplishing them :)


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