Thursday, December 10, 2009

etsy, sky, and neighborly visits

The other day I was feeling a bit off,
things weren’t going how I had envisioned them
and I was a bit upset about it.
But then during a conversation with a friend who I don’t actually know very well but who decided to stop by with a bowl of homemade vegan chili (which was really quite good), I had a bit of a realization – of course it didn’t hit me till 24 hours later, but it was a realization none the less. But pretty much what he said was that it’s silly to worry so much about the definition of who you are. You shouldn’t have to WORK to be who you are. The things that you do every day, and the things you are drawn to, that come easily to you - that IS who you are. It’s not supposed to be such hard work. Just breathe and enjoy and live your life and do what you think is right and you will find yourself being who you are. Its that easy...
Defining it and feeling like you have some clear understanding
before hand is really unnecessary.
Plus people in general often see themselves in quite a skewed way.
So why worry about it?
I like that.

In other news...
A last minute holiday party with a few friends is in the works. It should be fun to plan and to attend. PLUS etsy orders have been keeping me VERY busy lately, which is wonderful. I had hoped that December would look like this. Now it’s just a matter of getting more materials to arrive quickly(tomorrow?!?) and then getting between 11 and 15 books made before I leave a week from Saturday to head West once again for the Holidays.
I really love etsy :)

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