Sunday, November 29, 2009

i made it!

9:00 am got up (45,600)
9:45 am made coffee and took a shower
10:00 am thought about writing but decided to go shopping instead
Changed my mind again and decided to write just a little and go shopping later.
10:21 am (46,244)
10:51 am (47,201)
11:00 am get to a good stopping point and actually go shopping
2pm home. Put away groceries. Organize Christmas presents.
2:45 start writing again.
3:16 pm (48,475) Time for a little break.
A phone call from an old friend.
3:59 pm back to writing for 10 more minute’s until my lasagna is out of the oven.
Lucy figures out how to climb onto the roof from her favorite tree. (photos below... happily she does also eventually figure out how to get down).
4:30 pm. Break for dinner/lunch - 48,957
5:15 pm. (49,665) so close I can almost taste it. I want to just power through it though its going a bit slowly right now.
5:23 pm. my pace has picked up again (49,934). AHHHHHHHH!!!!!
5:24 pm 50,005 :)
And I am done.

The book itself isn’t, but my first NaNoWriMo is. And I have to say I am pretty proud to have finished it. (I will keep updating my word count and let you know when it’s completley finished). My next goal is to have the book finished by Christmas. Then I will take a bit of a break before I start editing.

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!


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