Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why we all secretly want to be a Charlie’s angel or Sydney Bristow or what have you…

Getting to wear really cool outfits
Kicking ass while being beautiful and sexy
Knowing we can do anything we want to do
Feeling empowered and powerful
Knowing our men are not intimidated by our power
Knowing how to walk (and kick) in amazingly high boots
(I probably shouldn’t mention that I once cracked a number of bones in my foot while participating in a karate class – though please note that I did in fact break the board, more then one in fact, with said foot)
I am not in the mood for anything too difficult today.
And definition is difficult.
I am having kind of odd thoughts today about the passage of time,
and how odd it is that there is no way a year ago
I would have thought I would be where I am right NOW.
And how I have absolutely no idea where I will be
or even who exactly I will be a year from now,
let alone 5 or 10 years from now.
Also I want to be forthright AND female…
and don’t think the two should be mutually exclusive.
I realize I am random today. Sorry about that…
On another note I have some really great very small lockets that I bought a while back and am trying to think of the perfect way of incorporating them into some other larger piece of jewelry… or even a bookmark perhaps.
Happy pondering…


  1. You're such an adorable and interesting person. :)

  2. Thanks :) Sometimes i am not so sure!

    By the way, we have lots of the same favorite books!


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