Thursday, September 24, 2009

resolution follow up or state of the union or check in, as it were...

So I was reading back over some old blogs
and thinking about some of the goals I have made.
The things I had decided to try to do,
that I thought would make a positive difference in my life.

I have realized that I am not real good with follow through.
I have a great idea.
I think about it
I write about it.
I really want to do it.
I intend to do it.
But then I get busy.
I go on with my normal life
And I forget about it.

I might remember occasionally and know it’s a good idea, and I might even be better at it then I was, but I very very rarely make a real conscious effort do it like I should. I don’t focus on it as a real goal.

So after reading over things, here are a few themes.
the big ones.

the whole self-care thing
(including things like doing yoga, reading more, relaxing etc)
spend time outside – appreciate and find joy in nature
turn inward instead of outward
think, wait, breath
enjoy the now
be brave
be grateful for what I have
be honest (this is a big one)
And actually as I look through the list I think I can see actual improvement in these areas. Maybe not as much or in as measurable a way as I might like. But I can see I am getting better.
And any forward progress is good.
So I will be satisfied.
I will check in with these goals again.
(After writing this last night, of course I started to question myself. To feel like maybe I wastn doing so well. To listen to much to the criticism of others instead of listening to myself. Anyway it passed and I feel better again) :)


  1. What a great idea to check in with goals you've made. I keep a list of things I want to accomplish in my life and every few months I read over it and see how I'm doing. :)

  2. Thats a good idea to keep a list somewhere. I need to get more organized about it :)


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