Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a book related confession

I have a confession to make.
I love used books.
Old, worn out, beat up books.
I love them.


And I can’t help buying them everywhere I go.
I just can’t stop.

It’s a bit compulsive really.

When on vacation in Hawaii some of my very favorite souvenirs were two old Hawaiian books found in a very random used bookstore somewhere on Kauai.

Anyway I have had this obsession for quite some time and my collection is getting rather big.
Many of them are currently living in boxes but I have to say that I really do adore the ones that are out and living on my bookshelf.

No home is really home without lots of old books in it. :)


  1. I completely agree with you on that one! I don't think I could live without books, not just to read, but to have and to enjoy.

  2. Which Hawaiian books did you get? I'm curious! And I agree with you about the used books--I think half of our library (if not more) are used books. Our favorite event of the year is the Friends of the Library sale, where we go crazy and buy too many books that we have no room to store. And yes, many are boxed away somewhere--dying to come out and be a part of the show library.

  3. Oh, me too. I keep thinking that it's time to simplify and clear out some books before I move again. Books are such a pain to move. But I love all of the ones I have, and many many of them I bought used.

  4. Have you actually read all of them? lol


  5. I would say I have read at least 85% of them :)
    I will keep working on it!
    And the Hawaiian books are some of the ones packed away in boxes so I will have to find them and get the titles.

    And I agree there really IS something wonderful about simplifying, but i can never seem to actually give up my books either...

    Glad to find others out there with the same obsession!


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