Sunday, August 16, 2009

My crazy Saturday

First I got up super early to take my parents to the airport. So we have a pleasant drive (I live about an hour and a half away). When we are about 1 mile away from getting there with plenty of time for them to make their flight I start to hear a strange and bad noise.
What’s that noise I ask?
Then my father proceeds to discuss all of the variety of bad sounds that he says he has been hearing from my car over the week that they have been here.Then before he can even finish his rather long thought the car just stops. Every bad light that there is on the dash came on and then the car stopped.
After that was a series of events including, calling AAA, spending quite some time alternating between being on hold and trying to describe to the woman on the phone exactly where we were, meeting and chatting with the nice and helpful airport police man who wanted me to get out of the way quickly so as not to disrupt his flow of traffic, calling a cab company in hopes that mom and dad could still make their flight, eventually giving up and just changing to a later flight, and eventually flagging down the tow truck guy as he struggled to find us.
In the end the nice cop drove my parents to the airport and I went with the tow truck guy and my broken car to a nearby shop who told me that my water pump had gone out which in turn caused my timing belt to break, both of which sound quite bad, but then he also told me how much it would cost, which was less then I had feared it would be, and that they could fix it by 5pm that day, which I had not thought was possible. So overall it could have been much worse and I was able to remain pretty amused by the whole thing.
So, being without a car, I walked to a nearby Kroger, bought a book, a sandwich, a “tranquilo” vitamin water and a pack of Rollos. After two hours of sitting on the metal bench outside the Kroger I decided to give in and take a taxi to a nearby mall (there was no nearby bus line or that would certainly have been my first pick). So I shopped and managed to have a mostly decent and not horrible day, thought I did spend LOTS more then I should have (including the car and the shopping).
Anyway I made it through alive and now have to be even more productive on Sunday to make up for it all.
What did you do on your Saturday?

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  1. Well, my Saturday was spent in the kitchen. My husband went commercial fishing with his father for 2 week, and of course that ment that I had to cook for the trip. Cinnamon rolls and fresh raspberry jam were a couple of things on the menu. After that we took the kids to see the new Harry Potter. Good film, and we are anxious to see the next one.

    Didnt get any work done until yesterday... I am putting a picture of a deer on the church yard on my blog in a few minutes. The doe was just unconcerned that I was snapping pics.


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