Monday, August 10, 2009

moving day

This lives on my fridge.

my pup

the bungalow

Well I am pretty much moved in.
My parents came into town to help out and it all pretty much went as well it could. I am still unpacking a bit, but the new place is little so it shouldn’t take too long to settle in.
Its actually seemed like a good chance to simplify.
To bring only what I really need and to show myself how much I can do without.
One thing I really can’t do without is Internet. And since where I moved is even a smaller town then where I was before (its about 17 miles up the road), I am having a little trouble finding a high speed connection for a reasonable price. Until I get it settled I have found a few options of places I can go - one even serves drinks. :)
So I think I will survive.
I am recently starting to realize that I am tougher then I think I am. Braver. More capable.
I am more in control then I realize.
I can fill my life with whatever I want it filled with.
So now just comes deciding what that is.

sometimes I think
I am out there like Pluto
and it’s a good thing


  1. I love the saying on your fridge!! Congrats on the move! There is no way I could live without the internet either. Had no connection on Sunday all day - went nuts!!

  2. cute home good luck with the speed of info


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