Saturday, August 8, 2009

a bit of explination

So in terms of a bit of explanation, I feel that I may have been acting slightly crazy lately, and if not acting it (at least enough for you to notice it here) I have certainly been feeling it. I do though have a good reason.

My husband and I have recently decided to separate. It is not necessarily permanent at this point (we will just have to see how it goes) but it was still a very difficult decision to make. But just having made the decision is already helping alleviate the stress.
Daily I feel reassured that it is a right choice (at least for now).

I often wonder how personal to get on this blog, I think generally I disclose rather personal thoughts, but never with much detail about the actual events of my life. In this case I thought it better to just put it out there, since this is kind of a large change.
Almost everyone who reads this blog is someone that I have never met in real life. I have not told many people in my daily life about it. I think I like the anonymity I feel it brings me; to be able to share these things and not feel any judgment by people I actually see every day. I am not sure if that makes sense to the rest of you, but it makes sense to me.
It also occurs to me that it might be good for me to get better at sharing with those I see every day…
Anyway, I think the actual act of writing things down is sometimes the point to begin with, regardless of who reads it.

I have plans for this time. Plans that involve solitude, big thinking, writing and deciding. I want it to be soulful solitude. Along I hope with some good food, friends, drink, the making of pretty things, the occasional poker night, some very real conversations, a torch, some glue, a bit of dancing and much laughing.

I do not want to waste this time and I plan to go to great lengths to make sure that I don’t.

This will be a busy weekend.
But not to worry, I will take photos :)


  1. sending you vibes of clarity and support during the transition...

  2. Thank you. :)
    I really appreciate it
    (And need it)


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