Friday, July 24, 2009

Truths from today…

I really love lightning bugs. I am from the west so they are kind of new to me, we don’t have them out there.

I am reminding myself to not forget to PLAY.
Have fun.
Nothing is as big of a deal as it seems.
Plus everyone would rather be around someone who helps them have fun.
Laughter helps every situation.

I can’t keep hoping for a moment of clarity and realization when I have already had one, more then one even, and I keep not acting on it. It’s not fair of me. I can’t expect these little inspirations to keep coming if I keep ignoring them.

I must continue to learn to control my temper.

Creating things is good for the soul.

Taking care of myself includes eating, sleeping, drinking water and occasional exercise, as well as all the mental and emotional stuff.

I am about to turn 29 and am still learning to trust and really like myself.

Trying is better then not trying.

You would think some of these things would be pretty much common knowledge at this point, but I can always use a good reminder.


  1. Reminders are always a good thing.

    Keep on smiling Susie :) From what I can tell you've got a lot to smile about :)

  2. ...fireflies...lightning bugs...MAGIC to me...i LOvE them 2...

  3. thanks guys. :)
    I'm getting there!

  4. I feel as if these words could have come out of my mouth! Amen to the part about laughter, in particular--is there anything better in life?

    I'm so glad my recent post was helpful to you. That's really my goal. Thank you for taking the time to tell me.

    Have a great weekend--and remember to laugh!


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