Thursday, July 2, 2009

a little something from the bargain bin at Barnes and Nobel

A year of creativity #1
So I have a little book, something I got for $3 in the sale bin at Barnes and Nobel once and it is now giving me an idea.

We all want to be inspired.
I think this book can help (or at the very least cant hurt).

It is called A Year of Creativity. So it is filled with ideas and exercises that will help you think creatively, recognize the creativity you posses and help you bring your ideas to fruition.
Not all of these ideas are good ideas - but some of them aren’t bad. So once a week I am going to share one of these ideas with you and I will myself focus on and actually try to do what it says to try to get my creative juices flowing.

Find inspiration in how you see the world.
I think that we all truly have a unique and beautiful way of seeing the world. The trouble is that not everyone recognizes this. Not everyone values their own way of seeing or even recognizes that their way is different then everyone else’s.

So I think the first part of this is recognizing that your vision is unique and valuable.
Then the next part is to really run with it.
When you see something inspiring or have an idea,
don’t discount it.
Do what you are inspired to do.Give yourself time and space to explore it and see what’s really there.

Embrace your inspiration.
Carry a notebook with you and write down what you see and feel and hear and think. Go back to your ideas later after they have had time to rest.
Develop a creative dialog with yourself.

“Cherish the voice that whispers out of the blue.”

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