Friday, May 29, 2009

self censoring

Yesterday this was on my mind. The idea of censoring ourselves. Holding back.

Why do we do it?
Mostly fear i think. Of rejection, of failure, of sharing something important and then not being valued.

But what are the benefits if we don't do it?
We become more creative. We become braver. We become more comfortable with ourselves and confident in our knowledge of who we are. We become less afraid of failure and rejection and more able to find value in ourselves instead of from the approval of others.

I think those positives far outweigh the negatives.
So what’s stopping us?
Nothing of consequence.

Lets go for it.

Side note:
I have decided that Fear is silly. Of course I still feel it. Of course it still sometimes renders me unable to move. But at least those times are getting fewer. And some bit of progress is enough.

So, as part of the challenge what I did for myself yesterday was to be honest.
And I don’t mean that I just didn’t lie, what I mean is that I was open and honest and didn’t hold back (as much as usual). I shared myself with those I care about. I let them see what was in my head.

As odd as it may sound I am pretty private by nature.
It scares me to open myself up to other people and
I tend to hold back those things that are most precious to me.
Yesterday I tried my best not to do that.

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