Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday mornings are great

We are leaving town again this weekend.

It will be a day and a half full of :
Driving through West Virginia,
late nights with friends in a very fancy hotel we got very cheap on priceline,
good barbeque,
a place called Hill Billy Hot Dogs that we saw on the food network

and are going 45 minutes out of our way to find,
and good times.

I think there may also be a casino involved.

Yesterdays bit of self care was a relaxing dinner with some friends at a favorite restaurant and then going to bed early instead of getting sucked in by the pressure of everyone else’s plans for the evening.

Now I am off to pack, get the animals and house ready to go and make a quick trip to the post office to ship some beautiful albums and a ring to some beautiful people.

Have I mentioned I love etsy?


  1. I spent 18 mos. in West Virginia and I love it so much! Such beautiful country! Have fun!

  2. Hi! You've been awarded the Lovely Blog Award because I love the simply layout and organization of your blog. Your posts are thoughtful and engaging. Check out my blog to see, congratulations! :)


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