Monday, May 18, 2009

Lucy loves the cealing and Margo loves the water

One of the greatest $5 we have ever spent was on this blue plastic pool for Margo.
During the summer she gets very very hot and she seems to have a constant inner struggle between wanting to play and trying to not overheat. So when its hot out we keep this pool in the back yard filled with cool water. If we are playing fetch she will run to the pool every two or three throws to cool off. She loves it and I like to know she isnt going to give herself heat stroke because she is incapable of seeing a ball be thrown and not running at full speed after it. :)
I love grass.
Lucy is a bit obsessed with the cealing. She wants nothing more in life then to climb on anything that will get her closer to it. So if I am holding her and we happen to walk past a door she will almost always climb onto my shoulder and then do a little pullup to get herself on top of the door. Once she is there she often gets herself into trouble.

In this particular case there were two open doors (a closet in the bathroom and the bathroom door) that were next to each other. So she has two feet on one and two feet on other other. If she shifted her weight at all the doors would start to move and she would look jsut the smallest bit panicked. She eventaully jumped to the towel rack and then back to my shoulder.

She also enjoyed shoving her head and as much of her body as possible between the doors to say hello to us people who were watching her from below.

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  1. That is such a cute photo of the puppy in the pool!


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