Monday, April 20, 2009

summer is officially almost here...

Summer is coming and the days are getting longer, and with that I always seem to get a little ambitious.Warm weather makes me want to plan.

So here is what I have in the works.

No summer is complete without a few good weekend trips, hopefully involving some large body of water. So I have a few of those in the works.
I am going to start doing yoga again. Its been ages and I miss it horribly.
I am going to read more books. This brings me so much pleasure and I neglect it.
I want to learn more about jewelry making so I am in the process of finding a class that will fit my needs and complement my current skill set.
I am going to spend more time outside in the sun (while always remembering my sun screen of course)

So there ya have it.
Now off I go!

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