Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well I had a very good mail day today. I worked my day job from home today because yesterday Lucy (the cat) got spayed and I didn’t want to leave the little girl alone so soon.

So I was here when the UPS man and the mailman came by. I received quite a large shipment of bookbinding supplies and some lovely silk that is actually a part of a wedding dress that I will be using to cover a wonderful custom album this weekend. A very smart customer of mine came up with idea since so often after a wedding dress is worn it just sits in a closet somewhere. This way she will get to touch the fabric every time she wants to look at photos and remember the day.

ALSO soon I will be updating the jewelry shop with a brand new SALE section. Check it out!

In other news, it finally feels like Spring is here to stay ( I am wearing flip flops every day now), I ordered business cards today (finally), and I am reading a great new book called “The Gum Thief” by Douglass Coupland.
The kitty is recovering well, Margo is good and tiered after a nice long Frisbee session and now I am off to cut some board to start on custom orders!

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  1. Good mail day indeed!
    That is such an exciting idea for a wedding album. You will make it so beautiful. Can't wait to see it listed in the shop - or pics posted here if she has already picked up the listing.
    Is this a new Douglas Coupland book???? You know how I feel about him... and I am in the market for a new book. I will ask you about it in a second.
    Can't wait to see all that you make!


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