Monday, January 5, 2009

my very first blog

So this is the first blog I have ever written.
and I have decided I need to just go for it. So here I am.
I am many things. In my day job I am an account manager. I am a sister, a wife, a daughter. A care giver to my pets. I am an editor by trade as well, though its not my full time job. I am someone who loves and needs to be creative and express. I am a writer. I am a book maker, and am on the road to becoming a silversmith.
I was thinking today and chatting with a friend about what makes us who we are, what defines us. I think that yes of course the things we do are important and are a big part of who we are - but they are not the bulk of it. Not the all of it.
You are not only what you believe or what you do or who you love.
You are a combination of so many things.
And every day you can wake up make yourself into whatever you want to be.

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